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5 Keys to Real Food for Busy Families

family dinner prep with kids

Learning to JERF (Just Eat Real Food)

Most of us know the fundamentals of eating healthy.

But for so many of us with busy, working lifestyles, the idea of putting healthy, nutritional meals on the dinner table can seem a little overwhelming. While you may want to nourish your family so they can thrive, sometimes it seems a little difficult to put this into practice.

So, we’ve come up with 5 easy ways for busy families to Just Eat Real Food.

1. Keep it Simple!

Choose foods with the least number of ingredients. Our bodies are designed to run off essential nutrients, which can only be found in real food. By this we mean natural, whole, unprocessed foods. While some packaged foods appear to be ‘healthy,’ they are deliberately marketed this way, and are often full of refined sugars and ingredients with no nutritional value. While shopping, select products with less ingredients. In the supermarket, stick to the outer edges – this is where the fresh, wholesome foods are found.

2. Adjust your Mindset

Using real food can be fun!

Unfortunately, over time we have developed negative connotations of cooking, quite often conjuring up dull, traditional images of our mothers and grandmothers labouring away in the kitchen. Now that many families have both parents working, we have become very time-poor, and the concept of providing healthy meals for our family often finds itself further down on the priority list. It doesn’t have to be this way!

Learning how to use real food and implementing this in cooking is invigorating. Experimenting and using new recipes can be exciting, because you will be proud to provide real food for the family.

3. The Two P’s – Plan and Prep!

Dr Tammy Hume, our very own chiropractor and nutrition specialist, suggests two key elements to help you get back into the kitchen: planning and preparation. It’s as simple as setting aside some time in the week. Create a menu and plan your shopping, and stick to the list!

Allocate a few hours on a chosen day to prepare meals in advance. Use recipes that can freeze well, and buy fresh ingredients that will keep in the fridge. It really does make it so much easier for you throughout the busy week, and you will save time in the long run. You’ll also find you’ll be saving money.

Now we all like the sound of that!

4. Put the Kids to Work

You don’t have to be alone in the kitchen. If you have children, why not get them involved?

While it may get a little bit messier, it is extremely beneficial to use your little helpers. Dr Hume finds that involving her own kids in the kitchen can stimulate valuable conversations about food and the importance of nutrition. They will ask questions and become genuinely interested in real food. Kids love to learn by experimentation and ‘doing.’ Exploring various textures and foods can even encourage further development in fine motor skills and coordination.

So, while you are in the kitchen you’re not losing precious time with the kids. You are helping them to learn and grow!

5. Real Food is not about Dieting!

Diets often fail as they can feel restrictive and depriving, and we end up falling back into old habits.

By re-defining how we approach eating healthily, and knowing what our bodies need to function optimally, cooking becomes much more of a fun process.

So, forget the diet.

Learning to utilise real food is about acceptance and allowing ourselves to change and grow.

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The Eat for Life Cooking Workshop will help you implement with ease the knowledge you have gained from attending our Eat For Life class.

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In this four hour interactive workshop you’ll be learning:

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  2. How to find the best deals and make it affordable
  3. Food quality and what you should be prioritising your budget on
  4. Food Prep… we’ll be covering how to PREP for the week, to minimise your time in the kitchen with both cooking and cleaning
  5. Food Demo… we’ll be showing you how to create some of our favourite meals in the kitchen (and best yet, you’ll actually get to eat them)! We’ll be covering options right through from breakfast to dinner to sweet treatsOh… and did we mention that you’ll be given the recipes to take home with you?



We’ll talk about simple tools to help you adopt a mindset of consistency and sustainability!

Do you want find yourself in a place where you know what to do but you just don’t do it?

You know you could feel so much more energised if you nourished your body.

But no matter how hard you try, you seem to fall back into habits that don’t serve you!

And it’s not like you don’t know better. You understand the basics…

  • Eat Real Food
  • JERF
  • Nutrients vs Numbers

So gather your friends!

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