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Slipped Disc Treatment in Bundaberg

man moving boxes back pain
If you have a ‘slipped disc’ you are likely to be in a lot of pain or discomfort. There is a loss of stability in your low back and your muscles are going into spasm to limit your movement.

The discs are the cushions that allow the spine to move easily, absorb shock and keep the weight of the body off the nerves. The discs are so integral to the function of the spine that even relatively minor disc injuries can be debilitating, causing symptoms like low back pain, pins and needles, burning sensation, nerve pain, numbness and poor muscle control.

The discs are also some of the strongest structures in your body, so when one becomes damaged our experience is that there is a far deeper dysfunction in the body.

At Family Chiropractic Bundaberg our chiropractors will assess the spine and body to establish the location and extent of the disc injury and the contributing factors that led to it (posture, movement problems, activities and habits).

With all this information we can help you make a plan to give the disc the best chance to heal and correct the underlying dysfunction.

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