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Hip & Pelvic Pain Relief in Bundaberg

woman with hip pain
Your Pelvis is the foundation of your spine. Just like a building, if your foundation is out of balance it can affect everything above (and below). Hip and pelvic problems can create symptoms such as groin pain, hip pain when lying in bed, pain when walking, low back pain and restriction with activities like putting on shoes, socks or underwear.

The ‘hip’ pain people experience is frequently caused by pelvic misalignment or it can be from dysfunction in the hip joint itself. Our chiropractors will perform an assessment to determine the cause of your symptoms and the best way to correct it.

The cause of hip and pelvic problems is often too much sitting or incorrect sitting positions, repetitive strain or manual work.

As part of your care, our chiropractors will help you identify what you need to do differently to make sure the problem doesn’t return.

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