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Lower Back Pain Treatment in Bundaberg

lower back pain
If you have low back pain it can affect every aspect of your life. Pain can be aching, throbbing or tightness, or it can be sharp or stabbing. Our chiropractors‘ first priority is to identify what is causing your low back pain so they can recommend a strategy that corrects the cause rather than just short-term, temporary relief.

Often low back can come on suddenly without any obvious cause, or it can be the result of a slip, jar or lifting something too heavy or the wrong way.

If your lower spine or pelvis goes out of alignment or isn’t moving correctly the muscles around the area will tighten or go into spasm which stops you from being able to move normally.

People commonly mistake this feeling for it being “just a muscular problem,” however, in most cases, the muscle spasms or tightness is a symptom rather than the actual problem, which is spinal dysfunction.

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