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Meet the Team at Family Chiropractic Bundaberg

Dr Stuart Williams (Chiropractor),
Principal Chiropractor & Director

Stuart has spent over 15 years helping individuals and families achieve better health, naturally.

In addition to gentle, life-changing chiropractic care, Stuart delivers regular classes and workshops, including core stability, flexibility, nutrition, sleep, stress management, ergonomics and spine care.

Beyond chiropractic and health, Stuart loves spending time with his wife, Rosemary and their three sons. He’s an avid gardener who also enjoys fishing and kayaking.

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Dr Rosie Williams (Chiropractor),

Rosie has a passion for family health. Her experience as a mother of three and as a chiropractor to hundreds of babies and children has led Rosie to see pre-pregnancy, pregnancy, birth and infant development as some of the most critical times in a person’s health and life.

Her knowledge lends itself to a unique combination of nervous system function, child development and parenting, and natural health connection. She loves to support new mothers and fathers with tools that empower them and create clarity on their parenting journey.

When Rosie is not working with babies, kids and parents, she shares her children’s education journey and helps people with natural solutions to home and personal care.

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Dr Ben Appleyard (Chiropractor),
Associate Chiropractor

Dr Ben Appleyard has over 16 years of experience as a chiropractor and loves serving our community. He strives to help people and their families reclaim a better quality of life, utilising a full range of chiropractic techniques to improve structural alignment and restore functional movement. He is particularly interested in the importance of spinal health and brain function. He primarily focuses on sports performance and functional improvement.

Before studying chiropractic, Dr Ben served in the Australian Armed Forces with the specialised reconnaissance platoon and infantry.

Dr Ben lives an active life filled with plenty of exercise and fun. You’ll often find him going for a surf or a swim at the beach or getting involved in local sport. He also loves meeting new people and enjoys being active in the community.

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Dr Thomas Williams (Chiropractor),
Associate Chiropractor

Tom approaches chiropractic not only as a way of relieving pain and restoring function but as a way of achieving peak performance. His desire to become a chiropractor and help others stems directly from his personal experience with chiropractic care and its benefits.

Tom enjoys martial arts (Judo, Hapkido), mountain bike riding, strength and fitness training and generally being active. Since moving to Bundaberg from Sydney, Tom has immersed himself in the community and loves exploring rural Queensland.

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Our Office Team

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