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Neck Pain Relief in Bundaberg

back view neck pain
Neck pain can range from annoying to debilitating. it can be the result of a trauma, such as a whiplash injury, a head knock or sleeping awkwardly, or neck pain can come on gradually from poor posture, stress or repetitive strain. Our chiropractors are skilled at identifying and correcting the cause of neck pain to eliminate pain and restore normal movement.

If your spine is out of alignment or not moving properly it can irritate nerves and cause muscles, ligaments and joints to become tight and sore. This is what causes many people’s neck pain. For some people, this can also lead to a headache or migraine.

How does Chiropractic Help Neck Pain?

Chiropractic care for neck pain involves gently restoring proper alignment and movement to the upper part of your spine, and also assessing the rest of your body’s alignment to see if other areas could be contributing to your neck pain.

Our chiropractors will also help you identify and improve any habits or postures you have that are contributing to your neck pain.

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